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Pax in Terra is a founding partner in the Local Fresh & Real campaign, a knowledge transfer and business network started by a small group of business owners, philanthropists, and sustainability advocates in Southern Connecticut. Its mission is to foster a culture of sustainability by connecting local consumers, investors, vendors and experts. Based on the principle that true prosperity stems from community solidarity and subsidiarity, LFR focuses on promoting quality goods and services, sharing information regarding sustainability, and publicizing community-invested businesses and tradespeople to the benefit of our communities, our economies and our planet.

An Early Example:

Pax in Terra partnered with VN Productions, a unique marketing company, and Butcher’s Best Market in Newtown, Connecticut to create a marketing campaign that increased the visibility of all members involved.  Working in a model with the New Economy in mind, VN Productions and Pax in Terra used their combined expertise to create pamphlets and web articles that inform consumers of the locally invested and environmentally sustainable practices of Butcher’s Best, in turn promoting the Market’s vision and values to a wider community than the shop would have otherwise had the resources to do itself. In doing so, the three companies bolstered each other’s business by combining their customer base and vocalizing their shared value of the health of the surrounding community.

How you can help:

LFR is currently in contact with businesses in the Connecticut and Greater Metro Area whose ethics and products align with the Local Fresh & Real philosophy. If you are a local business, tradesperson, or entrepreneur and would like to join us, or if you have a favorite local business that you would like to support through LFR, please email us at [email protected].

We are always looking for students and educators of sustainability and local community resilience to help us write articles and host events! Please email us at [email protected] with your ideas.

To donate to the development of Local Fresh & Real as hub for stellar local business information, an online marketplace of sustainable goods, and an educational resource for local businesses and consumers interested in developing a healthy and sustainable local community economy, please visit our How To Help page for more on how to give monetary and in-kind donations, and volunteer time.

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