St. John’s Orphanage

Pax in Terra has worked with Father Joseph, the former chaplain of Danbury Hospital, and Father Vijaya, director of St. John’s Orphanage, to feed and sustain the orphans of the West Godavary District of Andhra Pradesh. Father Joseph has now returned to Andhra Pradesh and is working with his brother to teach the hundreds of children in their care, providing them with the building blocks for a brighter future.

Pax in Terra’s Contributions:

Fathers Vijaya and Joe are caring for about 50 orphan children each in Eluru, India. Each child is given only 450 rupees ($7.37) per month by the diocese, making it very difficult to supply them with nutritious food. They are each requesting a milk buffalo at the cost of one hundred thousand rupees (about two thousand US dollars) which will produce about 12 liters of milk per day to help keep the orphan children in good health.

In 2011, Pax in Terra purchased a milk buffalo to help feed the orphans in Father Joseph and Father Vijaya’s care. With your generosity, we can continue to support them.


What more can be done:

By contributing to Pax in Terra on our Donations page with the note “St. John’s Orphanage”, your full donation will go directly to fund food and development programs at the Andhra Pradesh orphanage.

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