Human Development in Peru

Pax in Terra is interested in working to help support development in the shanty towns surrounding Lima, Peru by supporting family wellbeing and healthy childhood development.

We have numerous outreach efforts with partners like the Cruz Blanca Association. These entities work to improve the lives of children by running summer and winter camps that give young ones a place to learn and grow without the threat of violence or hunger. We are interested in supporting these efforts and more outreach into the shanty towns.

Ultimately, we want to help the shanty towns become self-sufficient. This will require partnering with other groups and significant financial support. We believe starting small with a big vision is the way to go!

Pax in Terra’s Contributions:

Last year Pax in Terra sent intern and recently graduated architecture student Teresa Taylor to Peru to explore the needs of the shanty towns that surround Lima.

She worked with SACRO, an architecture and planning firm in Lima that focuses on long-term sustainable development projects for the poor of Peru. Our goal was to assess the needs of the shanty towns, document those needs on video, and return to help Pax in Terra develop a project in the shanty towns.

What more can be done:

By contributing to Pax in Terra on our Donations page with the note “Peru”, your donation will fund human development for those living in the shanty town regions through the work of our partners, like the Cruz Blanca Association.

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