Cruz Blanca Covid Response

Targeted Projects to help poor families and rebuild the Cruz Blanca Camp for Children

As with many countries around the world, Peru has limited supplies of vaccines and remains locked down. The shanty town dwellers survive on wages they make daily. Many are unable to work due to the pandemic. Cruz Blanca Association responded by providing food and supplies since the beginning of the pandemic. Pax in Terra has raised several thousand dollars here in the US. All proceeds have gone to support Cruz Blancas efforts.

Normally, the Cruz Blanca Association runs a camp for the shanty town children. Some of the requests are to help rebuild infrastructure at the camp. Over the years, Pax in Terra has designed and built a school for the camp, supported the development of a library and many other programs.

With your generous support, these children and families can survive the pandemic and live a healthy future.

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We deliver food and cleaning supplies to families and soup-kitchens of Ancon, Laderas and Pachacutec.

Cost: $50 per basket

Goal: 100 baskets per month

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Children can join our program to continue learning values, good behavior and hygiene habits. We provide them with a school kit and videos.

Cost: $8 per school kit/ child

Goal: 500 children

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Cruz Blanca Maintenance

Perimeter Wall

A part of our perimeter wall is in very bad shape. We need to repair it for the children’s safety.
Cost: $3000 – Donate Now


Ride-On Lawnmower

We need to upgrade our lawn mower for our kids to come back to a camp in good conditions.
Cost: $5000 – Donate Now


Cruz Blanca’s Little Houses

The sea breeze has damaged the base of our little houses. We need to repair them, so the children have a safe space to play.
Cost: $2000 – Donate Now



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