Who We Are

About Us:
Pax in Terra is a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to promotion of human dignity through the development of sustainable communities. Our work takes us around the world and in our backyard. We work with established organizations that have the resources and track record to carry out long-term projects on the ground. Locally, we work with a network of friends and volunteers. Internationally, we work with known organizations already networked into communities in need. We focus on long-term solutions to intractable poverty and injustice.


To promote the dignity of the human person through the development of sustainable communities.


In seeking to promote sustainable human development in our own back yard, and around the world, Pax in Terra focuses on promoting self-sufficiency and community resilience. We work primarily with the billion or so people in the world who wake up each day not knowing where their next meal will come from or how it will be gained. This reality causes unnecessary harm to the peoples in this predicament, leads to a life of misery and enslavement, and perpetuates untold environmental degradation.

We seek to help break this cycle of poverty and foster prosperity for all by supporting local groups that create opportunities for people to live in a sustainable manner. Through education, fundraising, and providing of expertise, Pax in Terra hopes to create economic opportunities for people that re-establish an interdependent relationship between humans and the environment. These efforts are always characterized by an effort to promote our Four Core principles for improving the lives of the peoples with whom we work:

  • Education
  • We aim to work with those most in need to create the tools that will help them break cycles of poverty, inequality, and isolation sustainably. From vocational training to urban farming, we are on the ground with local employers and experts to empower communities from within. Understanding human health, economic health, and planetary health is the first step to breaking the negative cycles that undermine these aspects of life.

  • Subsidiarity
  • We believe in putting the power to improve community livelihoods back into the communities’ hands. Our decentralized philanthropic efforts stimulate a more direct improvement in people’s lives by promoting freedom, engagement, and empowerment.

  • Partnership
  • We highlight the value of collaboration and partnership in the communities we work with. Whether connecting communities with educators, farmers with eaters, or workers with small businesses, we believe that groups working together help leverage each other’s goals and outcomes. Partnership is also a guiding principle in our project operations.

  • Solidarity
  • Solidarity is the underlying principle upon which we build our mission. We believe in a holistic solidarity that connects people to their communities, to the broader population, and to the environment. We see this solidarity as a “way to enter into deep, authentic, healing relationships with nature, with others, and with the whole human family and…the best way to approach environmental problems, the conflicts that arise from these problems, and the decision-making that those conflicts necessitate”1.

1 Taylor, M. 2012. Environmental Ethics and the Recovery of Being: Philosophical, Theological and Literary Foundations for a Metaphysics of Nature.” PhD dissertation. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

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